Premiere Magazine - December 2023
Premiere Magazine - 2023 December Issue

The Good News and the People Making it Happen

December! Where did this year go? All the “time flies when you are having fun” and “it flies faster the older you get” is all true! Publishing NEA Premiere is very fun, and we all must admit we are getting older!

Santa “Steve” Cause has graced our cover since 2017 and we are so grateful for his spirit of Christmas we share with our readers. I have listened to him tell Santa’s Prayer at our annual Fast Glass Corvette Cub Christmas party and every year I say we should share that with our radio listeners on Christmas Eve.

I love to share family holiday traditions and I hope this becomes one as we invite you to gather your family around a radio (ok, you can tell Alexa to play Jill @ 99 dot 3 and she will) each top of the hour from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. on Christmas Eve because we finally got it recorded! Follow along with the story on page 24 and be sure to post a picture of your new family tradition on Jill’s Facebook page … you never know what prize Jill has in store!

I hope you read this edition and make lots of plans to celebrate this season. The Premiere family is happy to gather activities for you and your family to create lasting memories of a joyous Merry Christmas. From cutting your tree down at a local Christmas Tree Farm to participating in or watching all the community parades, to light shows and live nativities, we want to see how you celebrate.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and as always, Thank You for doing your part to spread “the Good News and the People Making it Happen” in Northeast Arkansas!

-Dina Mason, Publisher

[email protected]

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